You will have seen details of my ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ and may even have thought about giving it a go. I am pleased to say that all went well and there are now more converts to a life with more control of sugar. We are not excluding sugar or any other food groups here but being careful about the choices we are making and the amount of sugar involved.

Sugar does not have ANY nutritional value. There are no vitamins or minerals. When we eat it our blood sugar spikes and we set off a chain of events in our bodies. The problems come when our bodies are in this high state of alert over and over again. Eating too much sugar has been linked to inflammation in the body which creates the environment in which a host of diseases and conditions can develop. Sugar is making us fatter, increasing our chances of illness and is rotting our teeth.

One client was amazed to note that even after 5 days her taste buds had started to change. Having met a friend for coffee they shared a slice of cake (rather than the usual slice each) and she was shocked to note that ‘it tasted very sweet – this was an odd experience for me but a positive one.’ She concluded that ‘the 5 Day Sugar Challenge focused my attention and made all the difference.’

A common misconception with ‘Taking Control of Sugar’ is that you are signing up to a regime where you are going to be miserable and deprived and craving sweet treats. I am not saying that it will be easy but it will be easier than you think. You need to stay really clear about why we need to do something about our sugar intake. It is not a crash diet or a bikini body. It is about being healthier and feeling more energetic. You may well lose inches around the waist and lose weight too (we all have) but these are welcome side effects rather than the main deal.

At the end of the Challenge they came away with some real positives and it was clear that if you are cooking meals from scratch then this is a real plus in ‘Taking Control of Sugar.’ Working out where your danger points are in the day and finding ways to overcome these has really helped. Piles of ironing and extra walks have played a part in keeping cravings at bay! I loved it when one of the ladies who had completed the challenge came over in a coffee shop to thank me and to tell me how well she was doing. She was proud to be sat drinking a coffee minus the usual cake. Now that is progress especially with a small baby to contend with.

I am giving you the chance to take my free ‘5 Day Sugar Challenge’ during July. You simply need to enter your details here and it will be sent out to you by email. For 5 days you will receive an email – check your junk mail if you can’t see it. It is easy to follow and has complete instructions. The results so far have been great. What have you got to lose??

To make sure that you keep up to date with all the offers and challenges make sure that you have liked the Take Control of Sugar facebook page. This is separate to my fit4evermore page so you need to keep up to date with both.

Clare x


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