Last week I ran a free fitness challenge with a WhatsApp chat for support and accountability. It was primarily for my clients but I was thrilled to have some new faces getting involved and engaging in the group. There were swims, runs, circuits, sprint rows and lots of walks. My aim was to keep everyone moving whilst I had my Strategy week meaning that there were no sessions with me. 

Time to take responsibility for your training

Motivation is different for everyone. I know that clients book sessions with me to keep them on track and to ensure that they fit in their exercise each week. It is also important however, for us all to take responsibility for ourselves and to try different activities too. 

The competition

I made it an easy challenge and kept it as simple as possible. All that you had to do was exercise 3 times during the week and post the details. Everyone that did so would enter a draw to win a prize – either a copy of my book, my ‘FitPack’ at home training plan or a £10 voucher towards a massage or PT session. There were 12 entries to the draw and I have notified the winner today. Thank you all for taking part and getting involved. It was great to see what you were up to and I’m glad that you missed your sessions despite getting hot and sweaty doing workouts by yourselves. 

Types of fitness challenge

It is always interesting to see what challenges get you inspired and attract your attention. I have tried lots of different formats from a 15 day skipping or burpee challenge, to a fitness test, to a distance goal to this most recent version. I would love to hear what sort of challenge would appeal to you and that you would like to get involved in. It seemed logical to get your ideas rather than trying to guess. 

I need YOU to choose the next challenge

So I want you to let me know what you would like to see and be most interested in. I will then run a challenge in October based on your suggestions. Make sure that you join the fit4evermore Community so that you get the details as soon as the challenge is launched. You can message me or email me here

fit4evermore is all about getting you to move more and to move well. If you want more tools and tips to help you then my book is a great place to start. You can get your copy of ‘Moving More’ here. There are trackers, planners, help to get you started, recipes, workouts and more.

Here are some of the reviews from those who have already purchased the book from Amazon.

‘I enjoyed reading Clare’s book immensely. It is user friendly, full of helpful advice and taking you carefully through the stages necessary to achieve success in finding a healthier, happier lifestyle. The use of quotations from her clients is extremely motivating – if they can do it, I can. I have already recommended this book to my family and friends here and in North America.’

‘This book will have you off the sofa and moving well before you get to the end. Clare takes a simple no nonsense approach that is impossible to ignore. She is the little angel on your shoulder dismissing all your excuses with sensible and practical advice. This book is definitely worth the small investment and you also get access to lots of additional advice and support through her website. The stories of real clients making small steps are hugely motivating too. You won’t regret buying it.’

Buy your copy of Moving More by Clare Nielsen

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